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Third generation in family towing. My wife dispatches and manages the office. My son is the fourth generation and drives for me. We run seven medium flatbeds,a 14 ton tow truck',two 45 ton heavy tows, and several pieces of support equipment on a two acre site just off interstate 86 near route 14

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hey guys new here leave me some feed back please

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    yes that's are kw and yes bigdog is are shop also  we have three shops and building another  we have two 25 tons one ,50 ton slider   ,one 45 ton slider,,one 1140 rotator,,40/50 rotator..50/65 rotator,,and 25ton on order  air bags,,trailers etc

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    Haven't seen anything from you hows the ferightliner / NRC conversion coming?
    Still working theold IH?
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    South Side Towing

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    Thanks for looking yours looks good too . I like it
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    South Side Towing

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    Nice web page and thanks for the compliment